Process to enjoy the benefits of VAT registered company

Your company is VAT registered but it is not enough until you file the return to complete the process and enjoy the benefits. It is your responsibility to submit the VAT return within the stipulated time that is generally 28days from the end of each tax period. The return date along with the important information is released by the financial bodies to help in initiating the process. The VAT return filing includes various guidelines that you need to follow to avoid any complications and reduce penalties. We have a team of certified accounting professionals who will help you to file VAT return correctly within the stipulated time.

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Why should you file a VAT return?

  • Your business will be entitled to VAT deduction for procurement of raw materials
  • Shows your business credibility with the image of the law-abiding large entity
  • Makes your business eligible to claim the refund
  • Business transparency by following ethics
  • Helps to avoid penalties

Information to provide under Tax return filing

There is a huge calculation to get the right tax due amount and refund that we will perform for you after analysing and preparing the VAT documents for your company. As a general viewpoint, you have to consider total output tax payable as well as input credit available against such output. Excess of output tax over input tax within the tax period is your liability to pay. Further, we will help you with the content details included in both output and input tax.

How we will help you to file VAT return?

  • We will visit your office after each VAT return period and prepare the return on your behalf according to the VAT law within the specified time.
  • We will advise you for minimal tax liability as per rules and regulations
  • We will perform optimal tax planning for your company
  • We will represent you in front of the authority if required
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You must file for VAT return even if you have not done any business during the period. You have to follow the process as long as your registration certificate is valid so you can never ignore it. For smooth functioning and other details, connect with us and we will provide the best service.

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