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The introduction of VAT in the financial industry has brought lots of confusion in the minds of the manufacturers and suppliers. Being a well-renowned VAT consultant in the market, every day we come across many questions related to VAT registration from different limited companies. It is good to hear from them and know their urge to learn and follow the policies. In this regard, we have a team of trained and experienced professionals who are happy to advise on VAT registration and provide the right solution.

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What is VAT registration?

VAT registration is the process where the manufacturers and suppliers list their business with the Government to become eligible for the VAT return. The process of VAT registration is compulsory for many companies after a certain turnover whereas it is voluntary for some manufacturers who have not crossed the minimum limitation. Mostly some business owners with illegal production avoid VAT registration so that they are safe from Government rules and regulations. Avoiding VAT registration is always the wrong step because it provides several benefits to the business.

For assistance in VAT registration, you can approach us and we will assign you with the right accountant for the procedure.

Benefits of VAT registration

  • Company Authenticity – Your Company will get associated with certain authenticity which will bring comfort to you in doing business. Your company will get recognized and legally sorted for any sort of transaction.
  • Right amount calculation- VAT amount is paid once to the government for a particular product so if you paid it twice, it will easy to deduct from the amount that the customer will pay you through VAT registration.
  • Image as a large-establishment- VAT registration is compulsory after a certain turnover which is always on the higher side. The VAT registration will show give the impression that your company is running on a large scale.
  • Ability to claim Input VAT from the FTA- Upon obtaining your Tax Registration Certificate, you will start filing your Tax returns where you will be able to claim the input VAT incurred on your expenses as per the rules and regulations set by the FTA.

We will help you enjoy these through our VAT registration services so do not wait and immediately Contact us.

How we will help you with VAT registration?

When you connect with us as your financial agent or VAT consultant, we try to benefit you with our extensive knowledge of VAT and its registration. Our team will advise you and provides support on matters related to VAT registration. Few benefits of our service are:

  • Assistance in online completion of the VAT registration process
  • Advice and arrangements on required documents
  • Calculation of right VAT amount for payment
  • Knowledge related to VAT registration expenses
  • Full back-office and administrative support

So, do not forget or avoid VAT registration for your business and immediately contact us for any related assistance.

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