Tax Grouping- One tax for a group of companies

If you along with other business owners operate as a single economic unit, you can file a single tax for all. It is easy to group one company with others if they have a common link and get registered as one business entity for VAT return filing. We come many such clients who are not so well-versed with tax grouping and waste their time in filling different tax for all. They have to individually complete the registration process and bear the expenses. If you are also the one who falls under this category, you can contact us and we will help you in tax grouping. We have worked with many clients who are happy with our service and are currently stress-free from the VAT complications.

Before you contact us, we wish to explain a few details about Tax Grouping

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What is Tax Grouping?

When two or more companies are considered as a single taxable entity under VAT, it is known as tax grouping. The business must have a common link and meet conditions in accordance with the law to fall under this category. The businesses with uncommon interest or far away from the financial rules and regulations will never get to enjoy the benefits of tax grouping.

You might often try to avoid the process considering it to be time-taking and costly but it is nothing of that sort. Once you connect with us, the entire process will be easy and will help in the smooth functioning of your business. There are many other benefits you can enjoy under Tax grouping:

  • One Vat return per quarter means less work in the administration department
  • Simple accounting and record-making process
  • Benefits in cash flow in the business
  • Reduces the chances of penalties
  • Easy to configure or implement the system

How can we help you with Tax grouping?

Once you connect with us, we will assign you a certified and experienced accountant who will look after the tax grouping process for your company. There is a specific plan or the method to apply for the same and our team will provide the complete guidance so that the process is smoothly completed.

  • We will check your company details and identify whether you are applicable for tax grouping or not
  • We will prepare the required documents as per the law
  • Complete the process within the time to avoid penalties
  • Look after all the administrative process and reduce the expenses
  • We will present you before the authorities if required
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So, if you think your business can be applicable for tax grouping, you can connect with us on the registered contact details.

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