Once registered under VAT does not mean that your business has to follow the legal rules forever. In case you change the business type, transfer or dispose of your business, you do not have to pay the tax amount even you are registered under VAT. It means you have to cancel or de-register your VAT registration. So, if you make any changes in your business, our well-qualified and certified accounting professionals will help you to come out of the VAT registration. We will manage your VAT de-registration process at affordable rates. But, before we offer our service, get a few details on VAT de-registration.

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What is VAT de-registration?

If your VAT registered business which was eligible for VAT in past is no longer eligible, you should apply for VAT de-registration. It means that you have to cancel your registration from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and your business will no longer be the registered taxpayer. After completion of VAT registration, you and your business will not be liable to submit VAT returns in the future.

But, you will be free from the responsibilities only after you fulfill the existing filing obligations and outstanding liabilities.

Why is it important to follow the VAT de-registration process?

Striking off the name from the list is easy but when it comes to VAT de-registration, you have to follow the defined rules. In case you miss any factor or point,

  • The authorities will disapprove your de-registration application
  • You will have to suffer from administrative penalties
  • You will have to bear huge expenses

How we can help you with VAT de-registration?

We have a team of experienced accounting professionals who will guide you in every step of VAT-registration. With our expertise, we will prepare your business for the process and help you to complete the same without any mistake. To date, we have helped many businesses to successfully come out from the VAT registration.

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Our working module:

  • Our team will let you know whether you are eligible for VAT de-registration or not.
  • We will help you file the application and arrange the required documents
  • Calculate your existing obligations and outstanding liabilities
  • Complete the de-registration process within speculated to protect you from penalties
  • We will represent your business before the authorities if required

You will be stress-free after connecting with us because we will take all your VAT de-registration responsibilities. Your business and its operation are safe in the hands of our experts.

For more details, call or mail us on the registered contact details!!

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